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Is TECHNOLOGY a boon or a bane? :D

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.   ~Arthur C. Clarke

We are in the trending technology times where even kids who are still learning to talk know how to operate tablets and smartphones but don’t yet know how to talk.  It’s weird how the world can be so advanced in terms of technology!

Technology has become a part and parcel of our lives. Technology is necessary in every realm of our life today. Technology has created huge wonders for mankind. Communication has been made so simple that we can communicate with people miles and miles away from us. No more waiting for letters and messages. Life has become so much more simpler. Advances in technology in terms of Medical care is just phenomenal. A minute surgery a century ago would take weeks and maybe sometimes even months to heal but now with the changing times, we have major operations being performed through laparoscopy where the surgery is performed through small needles and no open wounds are formed. All these are indeed miracles and all in just a span of about a 100 years. We use technology in every aspect of our life now.

Technology no doubt has created  a whole lot of positives for us but is it making us too complacent? Are we creating a cucoon around ourselves and not letting anybody enter it? We have let technology so much into our lives that we don’t have time for our family and ourselves but we run behind and chat with people far away from us and we forget to give time and talk to our family back at home right next to us. Is this where technology is taking us? Are we becoming technology addicted robots? There are a lot of open ended questions to which we are still finding answers.

They say that technology is like a double ended sword! It has a whole lot of advantages but if misused it could also have a lot of disadvantages as well! So it is in our hands as to how we want to use it, to run up the hill or for a downfall.

By: Roshni Arun



On  September 23, 2014 , New Delhi– Jolla Ltd announced that the Jolla Smartphone is now available in India.

Finnish company Jolla Oy (or Jolla Ltd.), headquartered at Helsinki , is a designer or developer of various mobile devices and also their open Sailfish OS and MerCore open source projects has launched a new Smartphone.

Jolla went public on 6 July 2012, announcing its intention to develop new smartphones which utilized a gesture-oriented user interface. The Sailfish OS is a result of Mer and it includes a gesture-based user interface developed using the QtQML and HTML5, as did Nokia’s N9.

Jolla announced on 17 September 2013 that their phone will be capable of running most Android applications, though without direct access to the Google Play Store.

At the beginning of November 2013 it was launched but not fully operational as still under construction, so it is in advanced public beta testing, but not the full performance.

The company has entered into a partnership with Indian e-commerce web site Snapdeal to sell the device in India.

      Sami Pienimaki, co-founder of Jolla,commented “India is the rising smartphone market of the world and we look forward to welcoming many new Jolla fans across the country”.

Jolla is also being positioned as a button-less phone and instead users gestures to navigate.

Features of Jolla smartphone:

  • Display

Ample 4.5″ IPS qHD display with resolution of 540×960 pixels.
5-point multi-touch with Gorilla 2™Glass

  • Camera

8 megapixel AF camera with LED flash, 2 megapixel front-facing camera

  • Memory

16GB storage, 1GB RAM, MicroSD slot, uses a Micro-SIM

  • Talktime and battery

9 / 10 hours (GSM / 3G approx.)
User-replaceable battery

  • OS

Sailfish OS compatible with Android™ apps

  • Connectivity


  • Dimensions

Height: 131 mm
Width: 68 mm
Thickness: 9.9 mm
Weight: 141 g

  • Processor

Qualcomm Dual Core 1.4GHz

  • Cost

Rs 16,500 ( approx. $269.87 )[updated rate as per 19 October 2014]

  • Sensors





Ambient light

  • Live multitasking

It is the only smartphone that shows all the running apps on one screen without having it to open or close them. We can trigger multitasking without switching apps.

  • Android capability

Sailfish OS has an in-built capability to run android apps on Jolla. That is we can have both Sailfish apps and Android apps on Jolla phone.

  • Gesture based

The smart and original Sailfish OS works with natural movements. Through swipes and shortcuts using just one hand, we can easily interact with all the running apps and services at the same time. And we don’t have to look far for the ‘home’ button, as it’s always under the thumb.

Apart  from all these features, there are also a few drawbacks:

  • Unfamiliar gestures
  • Limited number of native apps
  • Average performance
  • Uncompetitive pricing
  • The company will face tough competition from the likes of Chinese smartphone player Xiaomi, which is selling its flagship phone, Xiaomi Mi 3 at Rs 13,999.




The Trending Wonder Glasses – “Google Glasses”

The latest new device that is a hit in the trending technology market is ” The Google Glasses”. There is a lot of chitter chatter about Google Glasses. Everybody talks about it and everybody wants to be a proud owner of a pair of these supercool glasses.The irony here is that many of us don’t even know what exactly are these glasses and what are it’s features but still many of us want to own it just because it is a Google product! So here we try to know all that we can about these wonder Glasses.

So what really is The Google Glasses?

Google Glasses was a product of the Google’s project program for developing a line of hands-free, head-mounted intelligent devices that can be worn by users as “wearable computing” eyewear. Google Glasses look like a pair of eyeglasses, but the lens of the glasses are an interactive, smartphone -like display, with natural language voice command support as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Google Glass is powered by the Android mobile operating system.

Also another interesting observation that can be made about these glasses is how the hardware is made compact and is made to fit into these glasses that supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, speakers, a camera, microphone, touchpad.And all this hardware is put to good use: Google Glass has voice input, which makes everything a lot more interesting. The built-in microphone combined with Google Now connects you directly to the search engine.

Let’s now see a few features that are supported by these Glasses:

  •  VOICE ACTIVATION: Other than the touchpad, Google Glass can be controlled using “voice actions”. To activate Glass, wearers tilt their heads 30° upward (which can be altered for preference) or tap the touchpad, and say “O.K., Glass.” Once Glass is activated, wearers can say an action, such as “Take a picture”, “Record a video”, “Hangout with [person/Google+ circle]”, “Give me directions to the Eiffel Tower”, and “Send a message to John”. For search results that are read back to the user, the voice response is relayed using bone conduction through a transducer that sits beside the ear, thereby rendering the sound almost inaudible to other people
  • VOICE TRANSLATIONS: Translation is yet another feature Google promises to offer with Glass. For example, users could ask Glass how to say “delicious” in Brazilian, as the company demonstrated in its latest trailer for Glass called “How It Feels.”
  • RECORD VIDEOS, CLICK PICTURES:Just say the word and Google Glass will take a picture or record a video – you will never have to touch the hardware. The photos and videos will be stored on the 4GB flash memory of the device, and can also be shared on social networking websites or emailed.
  • VIEW MESSAGES: Google glasses allows you to view messages and also e-mails and hence reply to these using the Voice Activation.
  • GOOGLE MAPS: The Google Maps have now been integrated with the glasses and makes sure that anybody using this will not lose their way!
  • INTEGRATING GOOGLE NOW:Google Now, the digital voice assistant from the search giant, has been integrated in this device. It will keep track of your daily habits, such as when you leave for office or the route you take. It will give you alternate routes if there is traffic on the way or give you weather updates periodically, among various other functions

Another question that many people ponder upon is that how much does this cost and is it available in India?

Yes,it is now available in India and the price quoted is around 1,29,500.

With technology booming at this rate, we can expect much more improvements in the Google Glasses! We are sure we will see a much smarter Google Glasses loaded with a whole new set of amazing features.

By: Roshni Arun


Portable Laser pens that can seal wounds

Technology is getting advanced day by day and that to not in a particular field ,but in various directions. The creators of existing products are either competing with he devices with the same functionality with slight different features or creating devices which you have never even dreamt of ! One of such technology from the latter category are  “Portable laser pens that can seal wounds”! Unbelievable isn’t it? How can we have a laser pen that can heal wounds? Lasers are used not only to create wounds but also to heal them. It is being widely used as an alternative for traditional needle-and-thread-surgeries. Even in microsurgery
techniques there are chances of infections and scars. Scientists have been working on flesh-welding lasers over a decade. The first experiment for the doctors to implement the laser technique was: carbon-di-oxide lasers to seal wounds. But it involved a great risk as the temperature of the laser couldn’t be controlled. Sealing the wounds internal or external to the body can be achieved by “laser welding” Abraham Katzir, physicist at Tel Aviv University, with his team had devised a laser that heats the body tissues in a precise manner. The temperature can be set as required, reduced or increased appropriately. Earlier carbon-di-oxide lasers caused thermal damage to the delicate human tissues which caused the tissues to be either over heated or under heated. The group then created a pen-sized tool that uses optic fibers  One fiber directs carbon dioxide-powered infrared laser to the wound with pinpoint precision, and another that leads from the pen to an infrared sensor, which measures the temperature and ensures that the temperature remains within the ideal range of 60 to 70 degrees Celsius. All that has to be done is, move the pen’s tip along the cut with the solder of water-soluble protein. Katzir says- “Our advantage is that we have developed optical fibers – we’re one of the very, very few groups in the world who have optical fibers that transmit IR radiation. We measure the infrared emitted from the spot and can know the temperature exactly.” This technique is well-known as Katzir’s laser technique which has been used in the surgical removal of gall bladder. It is also used for curing arthritis, migraine headaches, lower back pain, pressure sores, burns, swelling and the list goes on. Laser technology has also been applied to regenerate new cells and tissues. New laser techniques that reduce the amount of light to which the tissues are exposed during studies or procedures are making their way in the medical field. One such device, called the femtosecond laser, was approved by the FDA for eye cataract surgery in May 2010. Hence the laser techniques have been employed over a wide range in medicinal fields.

By: Sonali Jagdish


WINDOWS 10 the new generation Microsoft operating system is here!

So the new generation Microsoft OS is coming. It’s Windows 10. After Windows 8.1, everyone was eager and looking forward to the next upcoming OS by Microsoft and now it has been unveiled on Sept 30th,2014. It should be in the market by late 2015. It has been the trending topic in the last few days,since everyone thought it would be Windows 9 but then Windows 10 was declared to be released shortly! The major feature of Windows 10 is the cross platform portability and could be available on a variety of devices such as smartphones,televisions,tablets as well as computers! This will bring in a whole new experience for the users and will create a new milestone in the world of Operating Systems. Windows 10 aims to make this larger and make it available on a single platform such that all devices ranging from a few inches to large inches could all be run on one single platform . So the major features we could look forward to by Microsoft 10 could be:

  • Multiple Desktops: Windows 10 will allow multiple desktops for multitasking and will allow the user to switch between screens!
  • A New Way To Shuffle Between Open Windows: Another added feature here is adding a small button on the task bar to see open windows and shuffle between them. By clicking on it, the button will show the open windows and  will make multitasking easier
  • New Command Prompt : It promises a new command prompt with a whole new lot of functions and could now be used with ease by the people who love experimenting with the command prompt.It sure is going to be a delight for all the Computer enthusiasts who love playing and experimenting with the command prompt.
  • The Start Menu is Back: Windows 8 disappointed users when it lacked the start menu button and Microsoft corrects that with the Windows 10 and introduces back the Start menu that was available in Windows 7. Windows 10 will have the start menu button and will offer the best of features of both versions of Windows 7 and 8!
  • Modified Search: We  can now search from the search engine in the Start menu and it will not only search in the computer but will also search through the web and will be powered by Microsoft’s search engine.

So with all the whole new set of features Windows 10 is here to stay!

By: Roshni Arun