Is TECHNOLOGY a boon or a bane? :D

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.   ~Arthur C. Clarke

We are in the trending technology times where even kids who are still learning to talk know how to operate tablets and smartphones but don’t yet know how to talk.  It’s weird how the world can be so advanced in terms of technology!

Technology has become a part and parcel of our lives. Technology is necessary in every realm of our life today. Technology has created huge wonders for mankind. Communication has been made so simple that we can communicate with people miles and miles away from us. No more waiting for letters and messages. Life has become so much more simpler. Advances in technology in terms of Medical care is just phenomenal. A minute surgery a century ago would take weeks and maybe sometimes even months to heal but now with the changing times, we have major operations being performed through laparoscopy where the surgery is performed through small needles and no open wounds are formed. All these are indeed miracles and all in just a span of about a 100 years. We use technology in every aspect of our life now.

Technology no doubt has created  a whole lot of positives for us but is it making us too complacent? Are we creating a cucoon around ourselves and not letting anybody enter it? We have let technology so much into our lives that we don’t have time for our family and ourselves but we run behind and chat with people far away from us and we forget to give time and talk to our family back at home right next to us. Is this where technology is taking us? Are we becoming technology addicted robots? There are a lot of open ended questions to which we are still finding answers.

They say that technology is like a double ended sword! It has a whole lot of advantages but if misused it could also have a lot of disadvantages as well! So it is in our hands as to how we want to use it, to run up the hill or for a downfall.

By: Roshni Arun


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