Portable Laser pens that can seal wounds

Technology is getting advanced day by day and that to not in a particular field ,but in various directions. The creators of existing products are either competing with he devices with the same functionality with slight different features or creating devices which you have never even dreamt of ! One of such technology from the latter category are  “Portable laser pens that can seal wounds”! Unbelievable isn’t it? How can we have a laser pen that can heal wounds? Lasers are used not only to create wounds but also to heal them. It is being widely used as an alternative for traditional needle-and-thread-surgeries. Even in microsurgery
techniques there are chances of infections and scars. Scientists have been working on flesh-welding lasers over a decade. The first experiment for the doctors to implement the laser technique was: carbon-di-oxide lasers to seal wounds. But it involved a great risk as the temperature of the laser couldn’t be controlled. Sealing the wounds internal or external to the body can be achieved by “laser welding” Abraham Katzir, physicist at Tel Aviv University, with his team had devised a laser that heats the body tissues in a precise manner. The temperature can be set as required, reduced or increased appropriately. Earlier carbon-di-oxide lasers caused thermal damage to the delicate human tissues which caused the tissues to be either over heated or under heated. The group then created a pen-sized tool that uses optic fibers  One fiber directs carbon dioxide-powered infrared laser to the wound with pinpoint precision, and another that leads from the pen to an infrared sensor, which measures the temperature and ensures that the temperature remains within the ideal range of 60 to 70 degrees Celsius. All that has to be done is, move the pen’s tip along the cut with the solder of water-soluble protein. Katzir says- “Our advantage is that we have developed optical fibers – we’re one of the very, very few groups in the world who have optical fibers that transmit IR radiation. We measure the infrared emitted from the spot and can know the temperature exactly.” This technique is well-known as Katzir’s laser technique which has been used in the surgical removal of gall bladder. It is also used for curing arthritis, migraine headaches, lower back pain, pressure sores, burns, swelling and the list goes on. Laser technology has also been applied to regenerate new cells and tissues. New laser techniques that reduce the amount of light to which the tissues are exposed during studies or procedures are making their way in the medical field. One such device, called the femtosecond laser, was approved by the FDA for eye cataract surgery in May 2010. Hence the laser techniques have been employed over a wide range in medicinal fields.

By: Sonali Jagdish






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