WINDOWS 10 the new generation Microsoft operating system is here!

So the new generation Microsoft OS is coming. It’s Windows 10. After Windows 8.1, everyone was eager and looking forward to the next upcoming OS by Microsoft and now it has been unveiled on Sept 30th,2014. It should be in the market by late 2015. It has been the trending topic in the last few days,since everyone thought it would be Windows 9 but then Windows 10 was declared to be released shortly! The major feature of Windows 10 is the cross platform portability and could be available on a variety of devices such as smartphones,televisions,tablets as well as computers! This will bring in a whole new experience for the users and will create a new milestone in the world of Operating Systems. Windows 10 aims to make this larger and make it available on a single platform such that all devices ranging from a few inches to large inches could all be run on one single platform . So the major features we could look forward to by Microsoft 10 could be:

  • Multiple Desktops: Windows 10 will allow multiple desktops for multitasking and will allow the user to switch between screens!
  • A New Way To Shuffle Between Open Windows: Another added feature here is adding a small button on the task bar to see open windows and shuffle between them. By clicking on it, the button will show the open windows and  will make multitasking easier
  • New Command Prompt : It promises a new command prompt with a whole new lot of functions and could now be used with ease by the people who love experimenting with the command prompt.It sure is going to be a delight for all the Computer enthusiasts who love playing and experimenting with the command prompt.
  • The Start Menu is Back: Windows 8 disappointed users when it lacked the start menu button and Microsoft corrects that with the Windows 10 and introduces back the Start menu that was available in Windows 7. Windows 10 will have the start menu button and will offer the best of features of both versions of Windows 7 and 8!
  • Modified Search: We  can now search from the search engine in the Start menu and it will not only search in the computer but will also search through the web and will be powered by Microsoft’s search engine.

So with all the whole new set of features Windows 10 is here to stay!

By: Roshni Arun



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